Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Real togetherness is...

I recently shifted to a new city; it's difficult to leave all friends behind and start new in a strange city. Workplace is easy to deal with but where I live, its bit difficult as most of the people are always rushing to their respective works and I believe at evening they like to spend time with their family, I am miles away from my family and hanging out with work friends who don't live near isn't that easy.

I have a pet dog, Tiger. His name isn't just tiger, he is just as feisty. He is my baby and my life. Every day I go out in the morning to walk him. Usually I used to walk him on roads but recently I found a park where many people come in the morning to walk their pets and do exercise as well, I decided to go there as well. My tiger instantly made many friends, I can count few like Ruby (Tiger is quite a fan of ruby), sheru, bela, Astro and Tuffy. Tiger love to run on green grass like there is no tomorrow and often he plays with the water from hose that is used to water the plants in the part, and of course he drools after Ruby as well.

Initially I was bit reluctant in interacting with other Dog owners but seeing my Tiger making friends easily I started to interact with others as well, it wasn't that difficult after all and now we are a good friendly cheerful group of people. Every morning I look for the time in park it makes every day beautiful, I also run after Tiger like there is no tomorrow. You know Tiger is my ultimate source of inspiration; he is always jovial and playful, full of energy. He is always eager to be friends with people and he loves attention.

Isn’t it strange that he doesn’t understand our language still he isn’t afraid of people and we understand each other’s language perfectly yet we are reluctant to be friends with people? Life is such a beautiful thing and having more people in our likes to celebrate will definitely make life much more beautiful. Don’t you agree too? I am so habitual to that daily routine that brings me close to genuine people who laugh together and interact, have fun with no ulterior motive also it’s so close to nature that I can’t just skip any day. Even when I am out of station it makes me miss my daily morning routine terribly. If someone asks me when is real togetherness to me is, I would say that time of the morning with my new friends with their lively pets amidst beautiful plants and fresh air.

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