Friday, 21 August 2015

Awesome speed with Airtel 4G

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When it comes to speed, I will be first in line. This is an era of everything fast and quick, no one has time to wait and waste the precious minutes over mundane tasks. That’s why when I heard of Airtel 4G I was over moon, I hate slow things specially internet. And Airtel India is the first telcomm company to roll out 4G in India and I feel so blessed by it and the best part is its data plans at the price of 3G! Imagine that! No you don’t have to buy a 4G sim but simply tweet #getAirtel4g to @AirtelIndia and they will deliver you a 4G sim at your doorstep for FREE!

I love watching epic drama series over youtube but with slow speed it was very frustrating. Since 4G is 10 times faster than 3G, now I can easily watch all my favorite shows online anywhere, while travelling in local train or auto-riksha! Simple utilizing my otherwise wasted time. It’s just not me, we all spend so much time over our smartphone and internet and we are wasting a considerable amount of time slow internet, now with 4G LTE we can save a lot of time and utilize it in a much better way.
The world is already taking advantages of 4G now that’s now Airtel India; we are in the same league. One can easily spot the difference between 3G and 4G. It was a real pain to stare at the never-ending motion of buffering circle which was irritating as anything. Thank god those days are gone by.
Before applying for 4G sim, I was wondering about the tariff plans too, just like you but Airtel is offering 4G plans at the price of 3G now for the same price why would one settle for less! This will give simply a seamless painless internet browsing experience.

I am extremely impatient and I know most of us are impatient and slow internet tests us in worst way possible, I for one have decided to not give into slow Internet. Have you? If not then let’s see the benefits of 4G over 3G!

You can download a 20 b game in just 45 secs over 4G whereas 3G takes around 3 minutes for the same! 4G has 1 second buffer whereas 3G has 10 second buffering time while streaming audio music and 20 seconds buffering time for video! Do you understand what I am talking! The difference is astounding. It takes mere 1 second to upload an image whereas 3G takes around 25 seconds!

Few days back when I was video calling my mother, it was a real pain because the network timeout was the main issue and that was the final nail that made me drift towards 4G! There is always a hitting nail that makes us take some important decisions in life. Don’t you wait for that hitting nail and tweet #Getairtel4G right now!