Thursday, 9 July 2015

Surf if fast with UC Browser!

"Hey babe, I can't make it, Rahul is in hospital, he had too much of drink last night so we are taking him to the hospital."

"What?" I screamed! I just say Rahul few minutes back at the grocery store. Shan, my boyfriend is suppose to meet my friends today. We planned this small party so that I can introduce him to all my friends but he is bailing out on me by lying.
I closed my eyes and counted to ten, then spoke very slowly. I just met Rahul few minutes back, he seems perfectly fine.

"Oh, babe not that Rahul, I meant another Rahul!" He said hesitantly.
"Another Rahul? What's going on, why are you lying?" I asked.
"Because the game is on." He said at last
"The game!" I sighed in relief I guess, he is mad about cricket, I should have known this before planning this party. I didn't argue with him because he wants to be with his boys and watch the game. After all the hard work he does, he deserve his time so I cancelled the party.

"Hey Suhani, I have a solution for you." Sara told me when I told her about the reason of cancellation.
"Yes, solution! Haven't you heard about the UC Cricket?" She asked.
"Um no, what's that?"
"Well, it's an extension of UC Browser, and believe me it's a pretty good browser, lets you browser super fast!" Then she continues "This extension enables a user to stay connected to everything that's happening in the cricket world 24*7 without missing out of social and work responsibilities. You should tell about it to Shan. I am sure he will love it. My husband is pretty crazy about this app."

So, I downloaded it myself to confirm it firsthand. One can simply go to HERE and get the extension. And I was astonished by the look of this app, it gave me everything about every player in the world. About all the upcoming matched and past matches, and of course live matched and it's feed without going through the  hassle of google.
Seriously, in this world where apps rule our lives, something like UC Cricket is a mist for ll the cricket lovers, it enables to see live feed faster because it compresses the data so that it loads faster and without much hindrance. On top of that one can get notification on home screen of all the matches. I guess Yuvraj Sing's words will have much more importance over mine that's why Yuvraj supports this App as well.
Not every day we get blessings but blessings like this are always welcomed.
When I introduced UC Cricket to Shan, he simply loved it and well now I am his favorite person in the world because he doesn't miss his game even at work. He is always in sync with his game with live scores and all so He comes to all the get-together!


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