Thursday, 7 May 2015

Kapil Dev ki #EkNayiLeague

Kapil dev is't just India's greatest fast bowler but also an all rounder, best known as the captain who got India it's finest Cricket World cup in 1983. His name has a ring that sets the brain in fast action so when I heard about this 'Ek nayi League' by Kapil Dev, I got all excited but the trouble is I have no idea what this league is all about! 

So let's first try to find what's this big mystery is all about then only we ca go further in Kapil Dev's league. Like everyone I also want to part of this mysterious league. In the promotional video I saw that He is telling the celebrities not the use their heart in his league because if they do so then they will be clean bold, that is they will lose. Now, that's something, a big hint. We need to find the things where one is not supposed to use heart! But doesn't everyone say follow your heart wherever you go, then how can one not use your heart and is used then lose. No one loses when they use heart, or do they?

I am really confused here because my mother told me to always listen to what heart says but I can not negate what Kapil Dev is telling me. Also, he is advising celebrities. Could it be a reality show here you are supposed to use only mind but not heart as in not fall in love with a fellow celebrity because that usually happens in reality show, it results either in on-television marriage or a love affair but again this sounds too childish. If it wasn't for Kapil Dev's Image, I wouldn't have been surprised with another reality show but Kapil Dev somehow doesn't fit in this category, he is more of a real sophisticated person.

What is this league! I will lose my hair if I don't find it out! Do you have any clue? If so then help me. Could it be related to dares? As in do the dare but it's so daring that your mind will be occupied. I don't think it fits! Because it doesn't make sense.

It's definitely is some game show, a cricket game show but not like the on-field cricket but inside cricket where they will test your knowledge. India is a country where cricket is the most worshiped game, every house has a cricket fan. So, finding that many fans won't be a task. Still I m not sure if it's that. What else could it be. Something related to investments? Or guess the game league? I don't know. Let's wait and see what Kapil Dev reveals.

If you know then you can go to the page and submit your replies, meanwhile I am going to kepp scratching my brain to find more about this 'ek nayi league'.