Monday, 27 April 2015

Celebrate Life at Fullest

Life is a beautiful journey, it has it turns some happy and some  not so happy but whatever the turn may be, it does go on and to celebrate each step should be our motto. I believe in celebrating life to fullest by enjoying each moment. To wait for the big occasions only leads to waiting so one should just grab he moment and make it an occasion.

Things that makes me happy and makes me want to celebrate each moment:

1) Flowers : I love flowers, they bloom and spread happiness. They are a tonic to not only sight but also mind body and soul. They inspire to live for others. Their fragrance spread freshness in the world and rejuvenates, Where we are constantly worrying about taking credit, flowers do everything selflessly. I don't think there is anything as selfless and a flower.

2) Clean air : Today finding a clean area which isn't polluted, where you can breath the clean air isn't easy and such areas fills life with so much of happiness. Clean air isn't the requirement of our body only but it softens our mood too. Breathing clean air is luxury these days.

3) Random Smiles : While in market when someone gives you a heartfelt smile, it makes your day. You ever know what wonders smile can do, Getting unexpected smiles from people randomly makes my day.

4) Sports : I love to play games, I haven't played them for a long time. A place where I can just go and play games and sports will be nice.

5) Friendly neighbors ; Neighbors plays an important role in our lives and a good friendly neighbor is a god's blessing. Half of our worries vanish with a caring considerate neighbor, my current neighbors are pretty nice people who are always there for me,

6) Helping hand : Do you lend a helping hand whenever possible? There is nothing as satisfying as helping others, It gives me immense pleasure knowing that I did something worth doing and that makes me thankful for this life.

7) Books: I love books and library is my happy place. I can not imagine a world without words. They are the source of knowledge, they have great power, they can make or break a nation. A reader lives many lives before he dies so I love living many lives, I love to go on adventures a book takes me to. I simply love to celebrate the world where there are so many books, So many that one lifetime is not long enough to read them all.

I hope you all loved my list of things that makes me celebrate life to it's fullest. which makes my life a living adventure. I hope you all enjoy each day and celebrate each moment.

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