Sunday, 15 March 2015

That time with my Family

It was when I got my result of IITJEE, it was my dream to do graduate from an IIT and I had spent my high school years in competitive exam preparations. I was devastated when I didn't make it that year and I remember that I cried a lot that day. My family was trying their best to calm me down but I wasn't listening to them, I locked myself in my room and refused to come out, I was so hurt  that I couldn't even look at my books. I refused to talk to my friends, didn't speak with anyone at all. I just kept crying because I felt like there is no future. I blew up my chance real bad. Today when I think about it, I kind of find it funny how different my perspective used to be but that was the age when losing something felt like end of life, it was like life has no meaning now and only IITs are the colleges worth studying in. I am very talkative usually but those were the days when I started to talk less and felt like a big looser. I was really depressed, my family was trying to boost my moral and were telling me that there are many other colleges and other competitive exams to look upto but again, I wasn't ready to understand. I just wanted to left alone.

I think it must have been couple of days after my IITJEE result when my father and mother took me to Kanha national Park for a mini vacation, I went with half heart. As I mentioned I just wanted to be left alone but being close to nature calmed me alot. Those were the most memorable time of my life, it changed me lot also my perspective too. Seeing carefree wild animals in wilds walking like they owe the world was a sight of its own. And being away from city relaxed me enough to be reasonable. My parents were my biggest support and their care and love for me made me realize that may be not getting into IIT isn't that bad. May be I should consider other colleges too. That vacation gave me a much needed break and that time with my family was a much needed nudge in right direction.

Today I am happy from being graduated from a decent engineering college, I am very content with my life and thankful for that vacation that made me think clearly. Many times when we are not thinking, our family's presence make us think the right things. We make right decisions and stand again with their support. I don't mind falling again as long as I have support of my family because I will be rising again and be ready to fight again.


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