Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Starting a new life after break up

Love is a most beautiful emotion, it's one element that binds the people together. It's the strong power that can control and govern others decision and doings. Love is a savior that awakens your soul and let you breath the fresh air. When you truly love someone, you give them the power over you. Power is often misused and that's what happened with me. I loved someone very deeply, I loves with all my heart and trusted him with my life but my world shattered when I came to know that he was cheating on my. How easy it is for one person to lie and betray without even thinking twice! The consequences of betrayal can be earth shattering. 

My friends used to tell me that he isn't faithful but I always chose to believe him over others. But the moment I was acquainted with the truth I broke up with him. Coming out of a long relationship isn't easy, I was used to of his presence, I was used to of telling him everything that happens during a day, every good or bad news I would share with him but after break up I felt dejected, I was completely hopeless, I felt lonely in this world brimming with people. Suddenly I stopped listening to music and stopped hanging out with friends because I saw pity in my friends eyes. I was surviving but wasn't happy then one day while driving my Scooty I almost run over little adorable puppy, I realized how my absentmindedness almost led me to killing a life and that moment I decided I am going to take control of my life, I am going to start a new life.

Firstly I needed to let my emotions out so I started writing, I wrote my feelings down then I called my best friends and made plans for weekend movie and catch up. My best friends were my great help, we all joined aerobics class, it not only helped me in releasing my pent up emotions but gave me a better shape. I got a new haircut. And in 2 weeks I was a new me. I decided to learn from my past and move on. I even joined a reading club and made new friends, reading gave me a new dimension, it gave me new imagination and hope, hope for a better future. It's better to not be in a relationship than be in a wrong one. I opened up my heart to absorb all the fresh energy in my surroundings. I made new friends, I started to socialize more and gradually found that this new life where I was giving time to myself is far more better than my previous one. It wasn't easy to make this decision but I took it, I gave it a stop and succeeded. I am happy that I decided to start a new life because I live with a big smile on my face and I love the new me. 
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