Sunday, 22 March 2015

Little things that make me happy

Life is nothing without splashes of happiness, it’s the main essence of our existence. Be it small or a big thing that makes us happy, being happy is being happy, no term and conditions attached. I am going to share the things that make me happy.
  1. Cooking: I love the smell of spices and food. I feel alive when I cook, the aroma which is as good as its taste is the best thing in this world. The sizzling of vegetable is the best noise and the waiting time when I cover the lid and let it cook is the sweetest waiting. Cooking makes my soul sing.
  2. When someone praises my cooking, I cook with all my heart and when someone likes it makes the efforts worth everything. Especially when I cook for specific people and they love it.
  3. Experimenting with my cooking and being successful in it. Mixing up different flavours that tastes wonderful is an amazing feeling although many times the experiment doesn’t work but when it does, it makes the whole difference.
  4. Having an enough sleep through the night, without any stress and tension.
  5. Sunrise is like a miracle that absorbs the dark and makes everything shiny. I am not an early riser when I rise early and see a sunrise; it gives me hope for everything better.
  6. I love my hair and a good hair day makes me super happy. It boost my confidence and makes me happy and bouncy.
  7. Getting appreciation emails from my manager.
  8. Finding money in my handbag, i have many handbags and when I find the money in them that I have forgotten is like winning a lottery.
  9. Making people smile with my talk, acts or being silly at times. I love to makes people happy specially those who are sad.
  10. Snuggling in bed and reading in cold winter nights.
  11. When I eat a new delicious dish that makes my whole day also it inspires me to cook it.
  12. Meeting the people I love
  13. Getting a text from my boyfriend that puts that lovely smile on my face.
  14. Spending quality time with my family and friends.
  15. When someone gives me a cute adorable nickname.
  16. Playing in a park, going for picnic
  17. Wearing new lovely clothes I love for the first time. 
  18. Receiving and giving homemade cards. The touch of care and love is the best thing.
  19. Eating ice cream without planning it.
  20. Baby animals are super adorable and innocent looking. Looking at them makes my soul happy.
  21. Tight hugs
  22. Spending time on my laptop makes me happy
  23. Hot chocolate tastes delicious and is one of my favorite drinks.
  24. Giving and receiving surprises tells that people around you are loved and you are loved too.
  25. I love art and seeing art of nature is very serene.
  26. Enjoying a bright sunny day on a beach with friends and enjoying it to the fullest.
  27. Fireworks are like magic, they burst and spread beautiful lights. It's a symbol of celebration.
  28. Playing a new game on my brother's play-station with my brother.
  29. Replaying my favorite song over and over again, singing along with it.
  30. Smell of freshly baked bread. Yummy! 

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