Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Real togetherness is...

I recently shifted to a new city; it's difficult to leave all friends behind and start new in a strange city. Workplace is easy to deal with but where I live, its bit difficult as most of the people are always rushing to their respective works and I believe at evening they like to spend time with their family, I am miles away from my family and hanging out with work friends who don't live near isn't that easy.

I have a pet dog, Tiger. His name isn't just tiger, he is just as feisty. He is my baby and my life. Every day I go out in the morning to walk him. Usually I used to walk him on roads but recently I found a park where many people come in the morning to walk their pets and do exercise as well, I decided to go there as well. My tiger instantly made many friends, I can count few like Ruby (Tiger is quite a fan of ruby), sheru, bela, Astro and Tuffy. Tiger love to run on green grass like there is no tomorrow and often he plays with the water from hose that is used to water the plants in the part, and of course he drools after Ruby as well.

Initially I was bit reluctant in interacting with other Dog owners but seeing my Tiger making friends easily I started to interact with others as well, it wasn't that difficult after all and now we are a good friendly cheerful group of people. Every morning I look for the time in park it makes every day beautiful, I also run after Tiger like there is no tomorrow. You know Tiger is my ultimate source of inspiration; he is always jovial and playful, full of energy. He is always eager to be friends with people and he loves attention.

Isn’t it strange that he doesn’t understand our language still he isn’t afraid of people and we understand each other’s language perfectly yet we are reluctant to be friends with people? Life is such a beautiful thing and having more people in our likes to celebrate will definitely make life much more beautiful. Don’t you agree too? I am so habitual to that daily routine that brings me close to genuine people who laugh together and interact, have fun with no ulterior motive also it’s so close to nature that I can’t just skip any day. Even when I am out of station it makes me miss my daily morning routine terribly. If someone asks me when is real togetherness to me is, I would say that time of the morning with my new friends with their lively pets amidst beautiful plants and fresh air.

If you want to know more about Real togetherness then go HERE

Friday, 21 August 2015

Awesome speed with Airtel 4G

Image source: HERE

When it comes to speed, I will be first in line. This is an era of everything fast and quick, no one has time to wait and waste the precious minutes over mundane tasks. That’s why when I heard of Airtel 4G I was over moon, I hate slow things specially internet. And Airtel India is the first telcomm company to roll out 4G in India and I feel so blessed by it and the best part is its data plans at the price of 3G! Imagine that! No you don’t have to buy a 4G sim but simply tweet #getAirtel4g to @AirtelIndia and they will deliver you a 4G sim at your doorstep for FREE!

I love watching epic drama series over youtube but with slow speed it was very frustrating. Since 4G is 10 times faster than 3G, now I can easily watch all my favorite shows online anywhere, while travelling in local train or auto-riksha! Simple utilizing my otherwise wasted time. It’s just not me, we all spend so much time over our smartphone and internet and we are wasting a considerable amount of time slow internet, now with 4G LTE we can save a lot of time and utilize it in a much better way.
The world is already taking advantages of 4G now that’s now Airtel India; we are in the same league. One can easily spot the difference between 3G and 4G. It was a real pain to stare at the never-ending motion of buffering circle which was irritating as anything. Thank god those days are gone by.
Before applying for 4G sim, I was wondering about the tariff plans too, just like you but Airtel is offering 4G plans at the price of 3G now for the same price why would one settle for less! This will give simply a seamless painless internet browsing experience.

I am extremely impatient and I know most of us are impatient and slow internet tests us in worst way possible, I for one have decided to not give into slow Internet. Have you? If not then let’s see the benefits of 4G over 3G!

You can download a 20 b game in just 45 secs over 4G whereas 3G takes around 3 minutes for the same! 4G has 1 second buffer whereas 3G has 10 second buffering time while streaming audio music and 20 seconds buffering time for video! Do you understand what I am talking! The difference is astounding. It takes mere 1 second to upload an image whereas 3G takes around 25 seconds!

Few days back when I was video calling my mother, it was a real pain because the network timeout was the main issue and that was the final nail that made me drift towards 4G! There is always a hitting nail that makes us take some important decisions in life. Don’t you wait for that hitting nail and tweet #Getairtel4G right now!

Friday, 10 July 2015

Honey diet

Eating healthy isn't just an option but a necessity as well. We live just for once and doing it right is must. We have to enjoy life at its best but we generally confuse having fun with eating junk. Yes the bad junk food that destroy our health but is taste sumptuous so we don't really give much thought to it. And when we start to gain weight, for instant result we go for crash-diet and destroy our healthy further because we restrain our body from having the nutrition it requires.

What to do in such situation?
That's where a balanced healthy diet comes into picture.
A balanced healthy diet is a diet is a lifestyle and eating habit where you eat the food which has all the nutrition including good fat and carbohydrates. Our body needs fat and carbohydrates as well but that doesn't mean we eat only that. It means we eat food that is whole. Balanced diet is staying away from fried food, it also means to know your food and eating its form that is good for our health. Like take potato for example. When its friend it's not good but when it's baked or boiled, it's healthy. Also take tomato for example, when it's in form of tomato ketchup, it's unhealthy because it has a lot of preservatives but in salad it's most healthy.

Let's take sugar for example, it’s basic ingredient but when taken in more quantity can lead to diabetes as well. So it's is essential to go for Honey diet. Honey is one blessed ingredient that is just healthy in any form, it in fact increases the health befits of anything it is added to. If you use honey dressing in your salads, it becomes extremely healthy and in tea, it makes tea from unhealthy to healthy.

It is a proven fact that honey taken with warm water reduces weight. Honey vastly contributes to the health benefits of a body; it naturally heals your body from inside. If we talk about its composition then it is roughly 80 percent carbohydrates, 18 percent water, and 2 percent minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

What to do in such situation?
That's where a balanced healthy diet comes into picture.
A balanced healthy diet is a diet is a lifestyle and eating habit where you eat the food which has all the nutrition including good fat and carbohydrates. Our body needs fat and carbohydrates as well but that doesn't mean we eat only that. It means we eat food that is whole. Balanced diet is staying away from fried food; it also means to know your food and eating its form that is good for our health. Like take potato for example. When its friend it's not good but when it's baked or boiled, it's healthy. Also take tomato for example, when it's in form of tomato ketchup, it's unhealthy because it has a lot of preservatives but in salad it's most healthy.

Honey is a natural healer as well, it heals body from inside and kills all the harmful bacteria, it gives inner glow. It has anti-inflammatory effects and is a natural sweetening agent. It is loaded with anti-oxidants that not only boost our memory but also cleanse our blood too. You have a problem of hair-fall? Apply honey, it treats dandruff too. And what not. So let's go for Honey Diet!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Surf if fast with UC Browser!

"Hey babe, I can't make it, Rahul is in hospital, he had too much of drink last night so we are taking him to the hospital."

"What?" I screamed! I just say Rahul few minutes back at the grocery store. Shan, my boyfriend is suppose to meet my friends today. We planned this small party so that I can introduce him to all my friends but he is bailing out on me by lying.
I closed my eyes and counted to ten, then spoke very slowly. I just met Rahul few minutes back, he seems perfectly fine.

"Oh, babe not that Rahul, I meant another Rahul!" He said hesitantly.
"Another Rahul? What's going on, why are you lying?" I asked.
"Because the game is on." He said at last
"The game!" I sighed in relief I guess, he is mad about cricket, I should have known this before planning this party. I didn't argue with him because he wants to be with his boys and watch the game. After all the hard work he does, he deserve his time so I cancelled the party.

"Hey Suhani, I have a solution for you." Sara told me when I told her about the reason of cancellation.
"Yes, solution! Haven't you heard about the UC Cricket?" She asked.
"Um no, what's that?"
"Well, it's an extension of UC Browser, and believe me it's a pretty good browser, lets you browser super fast!" Then she continues "This extension enables a user to stay connected to everything that's happening in the cricket world 24*7 without missing out of social and work responsibilities. You should tell about it to Shan. I am sure he will love it. My husband is pretty crazy about this app."

So, I downloaded it myself to confirm it firsthand. One can simply go to HERE and get the extension. And I was astonished by the look of this app, it gave me everything about every player in the world. About all the upcoming matched and past matches, and of course live matched and it's feed without going through the  hassle of google.
Seriously, in this world where apps rule our lives, something like UC Cricket is a mist for ll the cricket lovers, it enables to see live feed faster because it compresses the data so that it loads faster and without much hindrance. On top of that one can get notification on home screen of all the matches. I guess Yuvraj Sing's words will have much more importance over mine that's why Yuvraj supports this App as well.
Not every day we get blessings but blessings like this are always welcomed.
When I introduced UC Cricket to Shan, he simply loved it and well now I am his favorite person in the world because he doesn't miss his game even at work. He is always in sync with his game with live scores and all so He comes to all the get-together!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Kapil Dev ki #EkNayiLeague

Kapil dev is't just India's greatest fast bowler but also an all rounder, best known as the captain who got India it's finest Cricket World cup in 1983. His name has a ring that sets the brain in fast action so when I heard about this 'Ek nayi League' by Kapil Dev, I got all excited but the trouble is I have no idea what this league is all about! 

So let's first try to find what's this big mystery is all about then only we ca go further in Kapil Dev's league. Like everyone I also want to part of this mysterious league. In the promotional video I saw that He is telling the celebrities not the use their heart in his league because if they do so then they will be clean bold, that is they will lose. Now, that's something, a big hint. We need to find the things where one is not supposed to use heart! But doesn't everyone say follow your heart wherever you go, then how can one not use your heart and is used then lose. No one loses when they use heart, or do they?

I am really confused here because my mother told me to always listen to what heart says but I can not negate what Kapil Dev is telling me. Also, he is advising celebrities. Could it be a reality show here you are supposed to use only mind but not heart as in not fall in love with a fellow celebrity because that usually happens in reality show, it results either in on-television marriage or a love affair but again this sounds too childish. If it wasn't for Kapil Dev's Image, I wouldn't have been surprised with another reality show but Kapil Dev somehow doesn't fit in this category, he is more of a real sophisticated person.

What is this league! I will lose my hair if I don't find it out! Do you have any clue? If so then help me. Could it be related to dares? As in do the dare but it's so daring that your mind will be occupied. I don't think it fits! Because it doesn't make sense.

It's definitely is some game show, a cricket game show but not like the on-field cricket but inside cricket where they will test your knowledge. India is a country where cricket is the most worshiped game, every house has a cricket fan. So, finding that many fans won't be a task. Still I m not sure if it's that. What else could it be. Something related to investments? Or guess the game league? I don't know. Let's wait and see what Kapil Dev reveals.

If you know then you can go to the page and submit your replies, meanwhile I am going to kepp scratching my brain to find more about this 'ek nayi league'.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Celebrate Life at Fullest

Life is a beautiful journey, it has it turns some happy and some  not so happy but whatever the turn may be, it does go on and to celebrate each step should be our motto. I believe in celebrating life to fullest by enjoying each moment. To wait for the big occasions only leads to waiting so one should just grab he moment and make it an occasion.

Things that makes me happy and makes me want to celebrate each moment:

1) Flowers : I love flowers, they bloom and spread happiness. They are a tonic to not only sight but also mind body and soul. They inspire to live for others. Their fragrance spread freshness in the world and rejuvenates, Where we are constantly worrying about taking credit, flowers do everything selflessly. I don't think there is anything as selfless and a flower.

2) Clean air : Today finding a clean area which isn't polluted, where you can breath the clean air isn't easy and such areas fills life with so much of happiness. Clean air isn't the requirement of our body only but it softens our mood too. Breathing clean air is luxury these days.

3) Random Smiles : While in market when someone gives you a heartfelt smile, it makes your day. You ever know what wonders smile can do, Getting unexpected smiles from people randomly makes my day.

4) Sports : I love to play games, I haven't played them for a long time. A place where I can just go and play games and sports will be nice.

5) Friendly neighbors ; Neighbors plays an important role in our lives and a good friendly neighbor is a god's blessing. Half of our worries vanish with a caring considerate neighbor, my current neighbors are pretty nice people who are always there for me,

6) Helping hand : Do you lend a helping hand whenever possible? There is nothing as satisfying as helping others, It gives me immense pleasure knowing that I did something worth doing and that makes me thankful for this life.

7) Books: I love books and library is my happy place. I can not imagine a world without words. They are the source of knowledge, they have great power, they can make or break a nation. A reader lives many lives before he dies so I love living many lives, I love to go on adventures a book takes me to. I simply love to celebrate the world where there are so many books, So many that one lifetime is not long enough to read them all.

I hope you all loved my list of things that makes me celebrate life to it's fullest. which makes my life a living adventure. I hope you all enjoy each day and celebrate each moment.

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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Redefine smart phone experience!

"Suhani what are you doing?" Priya my best friend shrieked as I took her smart phone, her darling phone from her hands when she was sending a message to her boyfriend over whatsapp.
"I need to take a selfie." I simply shrugged.
"Use your own phone, leave mine alone." She told me.
"Mine sucks." I told her as a matter of fact.
"Yeah that's true." She said smiling. She owns an Asus Zenfone, a beauty that fits in palms.
"Tell you what, why don't you buy Asus Zenfone too, then we will have same phones too." She suggested sweetly.
"But yours is old comparatively, now why would I buy an old version is this fact paced world." I countered.
"Well, Asus is soon launching a new version in the series, Asus Zenfone 2. It's many steps ahead, I think you are going love it." She informed me.
"Go on, I am all ears." I told her.
"See Asus is known to a trust worthy brand of smart phone makers and I think this new Asus Zenfone 2 will refine your smart phone experience too." She told me.
I looked at her "How?" I asked.
"See I am going to give you top 5 reasons why and how it is going to totally go wide eye." She said then she started to count on her fingers.

1) It has a 13 megapixel rear camera and 5 mega pixel front facing camera with 85-degree wide angle lens, now you can take selfies which will come out sharp and we can skype too with better clarity.
It captures pretty brighter images in low light too and have a good contrast. It offers a basification tool that can beautify pictures in real time. Now all your selfies will be perfect no matter what and did I forgot to tell you about the selfie panorama!

2) It has a killer process and RAM, 4GB Ram! Can anything get better with a powerful processor.

3) The metallic look offers a sturdy premium feel. It's real cover is finished with metallic effect and comes in many colors. It's edges are ultra thin! So it makes it a sleek sexy phone.

4) It's a full HD 5.5 inch screen which is crystal clear at many angles. So you can watch your movies and songs on your phone without compromising with the viewer quality.

5) With Boostmaster phone can charge upto 60% in just 30 minutes. Now you will not cry when you forget your phone at night! Imagine how happier your days will be when you will have less worry about the battery charging time!
She then smiled bigger than the zenfone makers. I am sure she should probably be paid for this effort by the company because she just sold Asus Zenfone 2 to me.

"I am going to buy this beauty! Let's go!" I told her.

"Wait, it will be launched on 23rd April. Have some patience baby." She told me. 

Image Credit : HERE

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta

"Suhani you think the ending makes sense?" Suraj looked at me expectantly and I just nodded because I was already filled with so many emotions. Suraj has given a very heart touching twist to our story, the story we both have been working on for the contest, we have to submit it by noon today itself and till yesterday we were stuck at the middle. We both decided to stay up whole night and complete the story but at some point I slept and when I woke up I panicked but Suraj said he had written the complete story. A whole lot of four thousand words by himself. I haven't known Suraj for long and I don't really know how good he is so tentatively I picked the laptop and started reading the story and to my utter surprise, it's awesome. It's so heartfelt and emotional that I am in love with it already.

"I am in love!" I exclaimed.

"What?" He said is a shocked tone.

"I said I am in love," I looked at him with a smile then added "with the story, It's awesome."
He sighed "So you like it... I mean love it. Thank god, I was so worried. When you slept, I couldn't wake you up because you have been writing this non stop and we had to complete the story so I did that. I wasn't sure if you would like it or not because ending matters the most and I am new to this story writing line. So I am relieved."

"You did an awesome job Suraj." I reassured him. He smiled.

"Common I am hungry now. Lets have something to eat, it's already 8 o' clock of the morning, breakfast time. Let's go and have samosa somewhere."

Breakfast suddenly reminded me of Kellogg's Waale Guptaji ka Nashta, they are known for their delicious breakfast and yesterday when for inspiration I was surfing online, I found their facebook page with so many recipes and I know which one will suit this occasion, Guptaji's 'first cruch wala nashta", yes that's correct Suraj is my first crush and it calls for celebration too. So I think I am going to have Guptajis 'celebration wala nashta' too.

"Let's go to Kellogg's Waale Guptaji's house and have their famous breakfast!" I told Suraj.

"Kellogg's Waale Guptaji?"

"Yes, you don't know them! Then we will have to go to their home like right now! Shalu aka Mrs Gupta makes awesome healthy filling breakfast for every occasion, you name it and you have it. She knows around hundreds of recipes and today is the day to be celebrated after all you wrote an awesome story in time so we are going to their home for 'celebration wala nashta'. You In?"

"Sounds interesting! Of course I am in and it seems she makes healthier breakfast. Let's hit it." Suraj replied.

I love cooking and this seems like the opportunity to learn more delectable breakfast recipes and  meet their sweet family too. Suraj and I am just the reason to celebrate.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Little things that make me happy

Life is nothing without splashes of happiness, it’s the main essence of our existence. Be it small or a big thing that makes us happy, being happy is being happy, no term and conditions attached. I am going to share the things that make me happy.
  1. Cooking: I love the smell of spices and food. I feel alive when I cook, the aroma which is as good as its taste is the best thing in this world. The sizzling of vegetable is the best noise and the waiting time when I cover the lid and let it cook is the sweetest waiting. Cooking makes my soul sing.
  2. When someone praises my cooking, I cook with all my heart and when someone likes it makes the efforts worth everything. Especially when I cook for specific people and they love it.
  3. Experimenting with my cooking and being successful in it. Mixing up different flavours that tastes wonderful is an amazing feeling although many times the experiment doesn’t work but when it does, it makes the whole difference.
  4. Having an enough sleep through the night, without any stress and tension.
  5. Sunrise is like a miracle that absorbs the dark and makes everything shiny. I am not an early riser when I rise early and see a sunrise; it gives me hope for everything better.
  6. I love my hair and a good hair day makes me super happy. It boost my confidence and makes me happy and bouncy.
  7. Getting appreciation emails from my manager.
  8. Finding money in my handbag, i have many handbags and when I find the money in them that I have forgotten is like winning a lottery.
  9. Making people smile with my talk, acts or being silly at times. I love to makes people happy specially those who are sad.
  10. Snuggling in bed and reading in cold winter nights.
  11. When I eat a new delicious dish that makes my whole day also it inspires me to cook it.
  12. Meeting the people I love
  13. Getting a text from my boyfriend that puts that lovely smile on my face.
  14. Spending quality time with my family and friends.
  15. When someone gives me a cute adorable nickname.
  16. Playing in a park, going for picnic
  17. Wearing new lovely clothes I love for the first time. 
  18. Receiving and giving homemade cards. The touch of care and love is the best thing.
  19. Eating ice cream without planning it.
  20. Baby animals are super adorable and innocent looking. Looking at them makes my soul happy.
  21. Tight hugs
  22. Spending time on my laptop makes me happy
  23. Hot chocolate tastes delicious and is one of my favorite drinks.
  24. Giving and receiving surprises tells that people around you are loved and you are loved too.
  25. I love art and seeing art of nature is very serene.
  26. Enjoying a bright sunny day on a beach with friends and enjoying it to the fullest.
  27. Fireworks are like magic, they burst and spread beautiful lights. It's a symbol of celebration.
  28. Playing a new game on my brother's play-station with my brother.
  29. Replaying my favorite song over and over again, singing along with it.
  30. Smell of freshly baked bread. Yummy! 

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Sunday, 15 March 2015

That time with my Family

It was when I got my result of IITJEE, it was my dream to do graduate from an IIT and I had spent my high school years in competitive exam preparations. I was devastated when I didn't make it that year and I remember that I cried a lot that day. My family was trying their best to calm me down but I wasn't listening to them, I locked myself in my room and refused to come out, I was so hurt  that I couldn't even look at my books. I refused to talk to my friends, didn't speak with anyone at all. I just kept crying because I felt like there is no future. I blew up my chance real bad. Today when I think about it, I kind of find it funny how different my perspective used to be but that was the age when losing something felt like end of life, it was like life has no meaning now and only IITs are the colleges worth studying in. I am very talkative usually but those were the days when I started to talk less and felt like a big looser. I was really depressed, my family was trying to boost my moral and were telling me that there are many other colleges and other competitive exams to look upto but again, I wasn't ready to understand. I just wanted to left alone.

I think it must have been couple of days after my IITJEE result when my father and mother took me to Kanha national Park for a mini vacation, I went with half heart. As I mentioned I just wanted to be left alone but being close to nature calmed me alot. Those were the most memorable time of my life, it changed me lot also my perspective too. Seeing carefree wild animals in wilds walking like they owe the world was a sight of its own. And being away from city relaxed me enough to be reasonable. My parents were my biggest support and their care and love for me made me realize that may be not getting into IIT isn't that bad. May be I should consider other colleges too. That vacation gave me a much needed break and that time with my family was a much needed nudge in right direction.

Today I am happy from being graduated from a decent engineering college, I am very content with my life and thankful for that vacation that made me think clearly. Many times when we are not thinking, our family's presence make us think the right things. We make right decisions and stand again with their support. I don't mind falling again as long as I have support of my family because I will be rising again and be ready to fight again.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Weekend

This is going to be a long weekend, I thought as I drove to my Uncle's house. He recently bought a new home and the coming weekend he have a house warming party plus pooja. I don't have any aversion to the coming event, my only concern is my relatives, the long gossip session and praises and criticism which doesn't seem to end. I just want this weekend to go by super fast. 

"Suhani beta, can you pick up Nidhi on your way to Delhi?" My Aunt called me for this tiny favor, I am m happy to oblige but the tiny problem is I am coming from Noida and she lives in Gurgoan. Can't she take a metro or something! It would be rude to make that suggestion hence I drove to Gurgoan first to pick up Nidhi. I haven't met Nidhi in years, she is my first cousin. Don't get me wrong, I love her and everything just we got out of touch and haven't spoken in 3 years. I guess work does that to you. 

Nidhi is doing her graduation and is in final year, when I reached her place I found her not waiting alone but she had her neighbors kid as well who was apparently travelling with us too. 

"Hi Didi, this is Jay, do you mind if he come with us?"

"Of course not. Hi Jay." I said to the kid.

"Hi" He said shifting on his leg then taking the back seat of the car.

"Thank you Didi for making this detour, Uncle wants Jay to come too and mummy is worried of me traveling in metro with Jay, he is only eight years old though he looks older for his age." My cousin said while Jay was smiling sheepishly.

"So what do you do jay?" I asked for the sake of making conversation.
"I am in 4th grade. And I love football." He said looking at my Manchester United cushions laying in the back seat. I like the kid already, may be this won't be that bad.

Me and my cousin were making small conversations, I don't know why but I am feeling this strange tension between us. We drove in silence then got stuck in heavy traffic.

"UGH! This is going to take forever!" I screamed in frustration, we have been stuck for twenty minutes now.

"Suhani Didi, why don't you see this time to resolve the tension between you two. And catch up." Jay said with beaming eyes. Looked at the eight year old boy , so he repeated.

"I mean, either you can curse the traffic or utilize the time. I suggest later."
I kept starting the boy, how this little boy is making so much of sense where we two elders are just getting frustrated.
Then Nidhi apologized for being mean to me many years ago and I finally let go of the grudge. 

"So I told you it wasn't that difficult. Now, let's play games while we are stuck here, " Jay said in upbeat tone. I looked at him again and in that moment I realized how beautiful life can be if only I see the positive sides of a situation rather than the frustrating angle. If we have a generation like jay then our country sure have a bright future and I was filled with so much happiness and hope that this weekend is going to be fun and memorable. Totally different from what I thought.

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Starting a new life after break up

Love is a most beautiful emotion, it's one element that binds the people together. It's the strong power that can control and govern others decision and doings. Love is a savior that awakens your soul and let you breath the fresh air. When you truly love someone, you give them the power over you. Power is often misused and that's what happened with me. I loved someone very deeply, I loves with all my heart and trusted him with my life but my world shattered when I came to know that he was cheating on my. How easy it is for one person to lie and betray without even thinking twice! The consequences of betrayal can be earth shattering. 

My friends used to tell me that he isn't faithful but I always chose to believe him over others. But the moment I was acquainted with the truth I broke up with him. Coming out of a long relationship isn't easy, I was used to of his presence, I was used to of telling him everything that happens during a day, every good or bad news I would share with him but after break up I felt dejected, I was completely hopeless, I felt lonely in this world brimming with people. Suddenly I stopped listening to music and stopped hanging out with friends because I saw pity in my friends eyes. I was surviving but wasn't happy then one day while driving my Scooty I almost run over little adorable puppy, I realized how my absentmindedness almost led me to killing a life and that moment I decided I am going to take control of my life, I am going to start a new life.

Firstly I needed to let my emotions out so I started writing, I wrote my feelings down then I called my best friends and made plans for weekend movie and catch up. My best friends were my great help, we all joined aerobics class, it not only helped me in releasing my pent up emotions but gave me a better shape. I got a new haircut. And in 2 weeks I was a new me. I decided to learn from my past and move on. I even joined a reading club and made new friends, reading gave me a new dimension, it gave me new imagination and hope, hope for a better future. It's better to not be in a relationship than be in a wrong one. I opened up my heart to absorb all the fresh energy in my surroundings. I made new friends, I started to socialize more and gradually found that this new life where I was giving time to myself is far more better than my previous one. It wasn't easy to make this decision but I took it, I gave it a stop and succeeded. I am happy that I decided to start a new life because I live with a big smile on my face and I love the new me. 
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