Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Going Monochrome

In this fast paced life with every changing fashion I wish I could experience a calm scenario where I can embrace he beauty of life and it can be best done in the environment which enhances the other colors of life being subtle itself and what better than going monochrome. It not only enhance the other colors but also brings back the charm of 1960's which I never get to experience at the time as I wasn't born then :D

Monochrome i.e black and white portrays bold, confident at the same time subtle attitude. It enhances everything, Black and white in itself is complete and I want my own to be Black and white which comprises everything in itself. Yes I want to go monochrome. These days I am picking my daily outfit of the same theme too, so without any further delay I surfed this awesome site and found 3 just perfect things to re-do my room, my sanctuary.

 1) A Zebra print wallpaper:
Zebra a symbol of monochrome charm is a must and this fashion icon will suit the walls of my room perfectly. So I am gonna pick Alkemi Decor Wallpaper Pattern 35

It's a Wallpaper Patterns on PVC free, smooth, wall paper with water activated glue backing, so it will be pretty easy to paste it to the walls.

2) Monochrome mirror :

Mirror reflects do why do I need a monochrome mirror? I can simply have a monochrome themed room and have a mirror which will reflect it all, right! But things aren't always but simple, for a girl like me, mirror is a must have and a silver/white lined mirror will not only enhance my room but also make me feed good daily.

so I am gonna pick a Deknudt Mirror

3) Monochrome bedset:

My sanctuary starts and ends with my bed, a place that keeps my dreams safe so a black and white bedset is a must have and I am gonna choose Swayam Paradise Bedset in Black and white.

I hope you like my choices and if you fine something better in monochrome which will match my personality then don't hesitate to share with me. 

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