Monday, 21 July 2014

Zest up your life

Life is a journey and we all are here to enjoy the ride, what a beautiful thing it will become if we do the things which zest up our lives :)

Things I do to zest up my life :

1) Riding a bicycle : They say life is like bicycle, to keep the balance, you need to keep moving. I believe in that too but I like to ride bicycle to keep my body working, to explore the trails where my scooty can not go. On weekends I mostly ride my cycle and ride through the lanes of my city, less crowded and less noisy.

2) Bungee Jumping : I like to talk to winds, experience free fall, get the thrill of the fear of hitting water but then just stopping with my face up the surface of river. That thrill zest up my life :) I have done it once in my life at Rishikesh, India and that was a experience to treasure.

3) Diamonds : Diamonds are girl's best friend. They are mine too, my father gifted me a pair of diamond ear rings and I was on moon, I still remember that feeling, full of exuberance on cloud nine. I hope and wish to buy a diamond pendent for my mother too :)

4) New gadgets: Technology changes everyday and own the new technology is a different kind of happiness in itself. I do go gooey eyes after the launch of new mobile phones and wish to owe them but it's not possibly so whenever I am in position to buy, I so for the most breathtaking technology possible.

5) Food : There is nothing a good food can't cure, it uplifts the moon, make me crave for more. The little dash of lemon adds to the zest in life. It's healthy and makes me glow. 

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