Monday, 21 July 2014

Zest up my life #1

Life is a blessing, a gift and I never take it for granted. I try live each moment with utmost zest and enthusiasm. Here are the top 5 things which makes my life much more beautiful :

1) Family : With Family Life begins, they have supported me and I know they will keep supporting me always. Their support is my real strength, the fun time I spend with them is the  time that makes me the happy-go-lucky girl I am.

2) Rain : Its a life to flora and fauna but to me it's a bliss. Just the sight of fresh splashes swings my mood in the most positive note. I feel like God is spraying this just to make this world a much more beautiful place so that I an enjoy and relish life. Everyone loves rain but I am in love with rain. It's most beautiful and exciting :) 

3) Sunshine : Sun is a source of Vitamin D and happiness. It sparkle my life with it's golden rays and It brings hope. It shows that after every dark night sun rises and the darkness vanishes. It indeed zest up my life.

4) Kids : Their innocence traps my attention, captures my heart and I become their slave. That's the power kinds hold over me. Their naughty looks, their mischievous ways makes my heart sing. They are the best friend one can have :)

5) Gossiping : I am a girl and I love to gossip. No I am not ashamed of it rather I accept the truth with grace. Why Do I accept it? because life is all about knowing different people and their is not a better way of knowing someone other that gossiping with them. That way you get to know the true color of that individual. So yeah, when I get to know someone better, It adds to the Zest of my life.

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