Monday, 21 July 2014

Zest up my life #2

Ever wonder how life would be if there was no fun, no zest or vigor to it?
Here is the list of 5 such things that adds zest to my life :

1) Reading : Life becomes a fairy-tale when I read one, life becomes and adventure when I read an adventurous book. Life becomes Hogwarts with full of wizards when I dig my head into it and leave my Muggle world. Yes that's me. An avid reader. Reading is not a feeling but an experience and that experience adds to the zest in my life.

2) Shopping : Life is better, life gets better when I shop specially when I find the most amazing deals and then there is no limit to my happiness. I am a girly girl and shopping is always my stress buster. They say retail therapy is cheapest and I agree, it makes me happy beyond bounds. I love to shop online too these days specially when I won shopping Gift vouchers in blogging contests :)

3) Friends : There is no zest without friends, they bring out the best in you, inspire you and make you reckless. yes, My friends challenge me, love me, change me to be a better person. I can not imagine sunshine without them. When I go out with them, there is so much to do, each moment spent with them spins my life happily. 

4) Photography : I love to capture the raw beauty of nature, the moments that are otherwise lost if not capture at the right time. I love to click everything that catches my eye and the happiness it gives me beyond words. It's my passion, my zest.

5) Travelling : I love to travel, meet new people, explore new terrains, learning new culture, tasting new food, learning new languages and the list is endless. Travelling is rejuvenating and adventurous. It lets me discover the person I am, I get to know myself better and that adds up to the zing in my lift.

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