Sunday, 27 July 2014

Black Wishlist #2

Here I am back with my set of another Black wish list because one list is not enough when it comes to owning the tings in colour lack.

1) Black Pearl

Pearl are a symbol of elegance, beauty, luxury , charm and everything a Lady should be like. And Black is rather expensive beautiful pearl so I do desire a black earl set.

2) Black raspberries :

I have never had any kind of raspberry in my life but when I look at the black raspberry I get a very positive feeling that I am going to like it, a lot. They also have a high amount of ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant. Very good for the skin, body and hair. Aldo good for cancer prevention.

3) Long black hair:

My hair are of medium length and are brown n shade, I always swoon after black hair, they make me so jealous. I really want then, they makes prettier and elegant. I like sleek hair. waist length sleek hair. I want to swish then, play with then, hair style them and rock them.

4) A Black theme Room:

The power and calmness the black holds is incomparable. I am always attracted towards the darker shades in room because it makes me  think clearly and Black seems like just the right shade. I would love to have a twinkling lights as tiny starts in my very big black beautiful room. At night it will be my very own universe.


Education for all is what I desire, and education with Black board makes the whole experience complete. So I wish for Black board with words of knowledge for each and every child and person on this planet. We need 100% literacy to progress as a nation and as an individual. Human can progress with education so it is must and it will make every child happy too.

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