Sunday, 27 July 2014

Black Wishlist #1

Sitting on my desk, looking around I find black almost everywhere, It's strange I never noticed how basic and essential it is. It inspired me to make my wishlist of black things.

My Black Wishlist :

1) Little Black dress (LBD) and HIGH BLACK HEELS:

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” ― Karl Lagerfeld
One LBD is just not enough, one pair High heel is just not enough but when paired together, it creates a killer combo. A lady is as pretty as her little black dress, it makes her look thinner, more chic and sexy. So Many little black dresses tops my list.

2) Black iPad:

Those who owes iPads rules, no? well, I don't have one so I desire one. because it's a symbol of class and trend. It's super sexy looking and the touch screen is very responsive. 

3) A Black Puppy :

They are the best friend a person can ask for, they are super cute and adorable. Faithful and lovely and list goes on and on. I always wanted a puppy but couldn't get one, now that I am independent, I want to have my very own lil' cute black puppy I can play with.

4) Black Sedan:

I am not a very good driver but I want to learn and practice it in my very own car, preferably sedan. With an awesome music system, comfortable seats, beautiful interior, royal finish and not to mention smooth grip.

5) A Black horse:

I want to talk to the winds, I want to jump high and feel the exuberance but I want to do it riding a Black horse. I always wanted a house, it exudes such power that it attracts you. And it's beauty is breathtaking. It's one of a kind animal that is a symbol or power and adventure both.

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