Sunday, 27 July 2014

Black Wishlist #2

Here I am back with my set of another Black wish list because one list is not enough when it comes to owning the tings in colour lack.

1) Black Pearl

Pearl are a symbol of elegance, beauty, luxury , charm and everything a Lady should be like. And Black is rather expensive beautiful pearl so I do desire a black earl set.

2) Black raspberries :

I have never had any kind of raspberry in my life but when I look at the black raspberry I get a very positive feeling that I am going to like it, a lot. They also have a high amount of ellagic acid, a powerful antioxidant. Very good for the skin, body and hair. Aldo good for cancer prevention.

3) Long black hair:

My hair are of medium length and are brown n shade, I always swoon after black hair, they make me so jealous. I really want then, they makes prettier and elegant. I like sleek hair. waist length sleek hair. I want to swish then, play with then, hair style them and rock them.

4) A Black theme Room:

The power and calmness the black holds is incomparable. I am always attracted towards the darker shades in room because it makes me  think clearly and Black seems like just the right shade. I would love to have a twinkling lights as tiny starts in my very big black beautiful room. At night it will be my very own universe.


Education for all is what I desire, and education with Black board makes the whole experience complete. So I wish for Black board with words of knowledge for each and every child and person on this planet. We need 100% literacy to progress as a nation and as an individual. Human can progress with education so it is must and it will make every child happy too.

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Black Wishlist #1

Sitting on my desk, looking around I find black almost everywhere, It's strange I never noticed how basic and essential it is. It inspired me to make my wishlist of black things.

My Black Wishlist :

1) Little Black dress (LBD) and HIGH BLACK HEELS:

“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” ― Karl Lagerfeld
One LBD is just not enough, one pair High heel is just not enough but when paired together, it creates a killer combo. A lady is as pretty as her little black dress, it makes her look thinner, more chic and sexy. So Many little black dresses tops my list.

2) Black iPad:

Those who owes iPads rules, no? well, I don't have one so I desire one. because it's a symbol of class and trend. It's super sexy looking and the touch screen is very responsive. 

3) A Black Puppy :

They are the best friend a person can ask for, they are super cute and adorable. Faithful and lovely and list goes on and on. I always wanted a puppy but couldn't get one, now that I am independent, I want to have my very own lil' cute black puppy I can play with.

4) Black Sedan:

I am not a very good driver but I want to learn and practice it in my very own car, preferably sedan. With an awesome music system, comfortable seats, beautiful interior, royal finish and not to mention smooth grip.

5) A Black horse:

I want to talk to the winds, I want to jump high and feel the exuberance but I want to do it riding a Black horse. I always wanted a house, it exudes such power that it attracts you. And it's beauty is breathtaking. It's one of a kind animal that is a symbol or power and adventure both.

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Monday, 21 July 2014

Zest up my life #2

Ever wonder how life would be if there was no fun, no zest or vigor to it?
Here is the list of 5 such things that adds zest to my life :

1) Reading : Life becomes a fairy-tale when I read one, life becomes and adventure when I read an adventurous book. Life becomes Hogwarts with full of wizards when I dig my head into it and leave my Muggle world. Yes that's me. An avid reader. Reading is not a feeling but an experience and that experience adds to the zest in my life.

2) Shopping : Life is better, life gets better when I shop specially when I find the most amazing deals and then there is no limit to my happiness. I am a girly girl and shopping is always my stress buster. They say retail therapy is cheapest and I agree, it makes me happy beyond bounds. I love to shop online too these days specially when I won shopping Gift vouchers in blogging contests :)

3) Friends : There is no zest without friends, they bring out the best in you, inspire you and make you reckless. yes, My friends challenge me, love me, change me to be a better person. I can not imagine sunshine without them. When I go out with them, there is so much to do, each moment spent with them spins my life happily. 

4) Photography : I love to capture the raw beauty of nature, the moments that are otherwise lost if not capture at the right time. I love to click everything that catches my eye and the happiness it gives me beyond words. It's my passion, my zest.

5) Travelling : I love to travel, meet new people, explore new terrains, learning new culture, tasting new food, learning new languages and the list is endless. Travelling is rejuvenating and adventurous. It lets me discover the person I am, I get to know myself better and that adds up to the zing in my lift.

*All the images are taken from Google Images.

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Zest up my life #1

Life is a blessing, a gift and I never take it for granted. I try live each moment with utmost zest and enthusiasm. Here are the top 5 things which makes my life much more beautiful :

1) Family : With Family Life begins, they have supported me and I know they will keep supporting me always. Their support is my real strength, the fun time I spend with them is the  time that makes me the happy-go-lucky girl I am.

2) Rain : Its a life to flora and fauna but to me it's a bliss. Just the sight of fresh splashes swings my mood in the most positive note. I feel like God is spraying this just to make this world a much more beautiful place so that I an enjoy and relish life. Everyone loves rain but I am in love with rain. It's most beautiful and exciting :) 

3) Sunshine : Sun is a source of Vitamin D and happiness. It sparkle my life with it's golden rays and It brings hope. It shows that after every dark night sun rises and the darkness vanishes. It indeed zest up my life.

4) Kids : Their innocence traps my attention, captures my heart and I become their slave. That's the power kinds hold over me. Their naughty looks, their mischievous ways makes my heart sing. They are the best friend one can have :)

5) Gossiping : I am a girl and I love to gossip. No I am not ashamed of it rather I accept the truth with grace. Why Do I accept it? because life is all about knowing different people and their is not a better way of knowing someone other that gossiping with them. That way you get to know the true color of that individual. So yeah, when I get to know someone better, It adds to the Zest of my life.

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Zest up your life

Life is a journey and we all are here to enjoy the ride, what a beautiful thing it will become if we do the things which zest up our lives :)

Things I do to zest up my life :

1) Riding a bicycle : They say life is like bicycle, to keep the balance, you need to keep moving. I believe in that too but I like to ride bicycle to keep my body working, to explore the trails where my scooty can not go. On weekends I mostly ride my cycle and ride through the lanes of my city, less crowded and less noisy.

2) Bungee Jumping : I like to talk to winds, experience free fall, get the thrill of the fear of hitting water but then just stopping with my face up the surface of river. That thrill zest up my life :) I have done it once in my life at Rishikesh, India and that was a experience to treasure.

3) Diamonds : Diamonds are girl's best friend. They are mine too, my father gifted me a pair of diamond ear rings and I was on moon, I still remember that feeling, full of exuberance on cloud nine. I hope and wish to buy a diamond pendent for my mother too :)

4) New gadgets: Technology changes everyday and own the new technology is a different kind of happiness in itself. I do go gooey eyes after the launch of new mobile phones and wish to owe them but it's not possibly so whenever I am in position to buy, I so for the most breathtaking technology possible.

5) Food : There is nothing a good food can't cure, it uplifts the moon, make me crave for more. The little dash of lemon adds to the zest in life. It's healthy and makes me glow. 

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