Saturday, 3 August 2013

Pink or need

While playing something pricked her foot, she didn't pay much heed to it so we didn't make any fuss either but when she was leaving I notice that her feet were bare, I asked her where were her slippers, she told me those were torn so I asked her to borrow my new bellies, she refused but I insisted.

I was afraid what to i'll tell my mother, we used to take our shoes before entering the home and put them in shoe-rack so I just ran in my room and did not mention that incident to my mother.
Next day when Seema returned my bellies, she was again barefoot so I asked her to keep them.

Then when I returned home I told my mother about it before she starts asking question.
When I completed explaining she just stood there and looked me for a whole minute. I was scared because I literally blackmailed them into buying those bellies.
My mother told me that I did the right thing and she was indeed proud that I told her the truth. She knew Seema and knew how poor her family is so she war rather proud of me that day but she also told me that I should judge before making decisions. I promise that I would always remember that.

Next day my Mother took me to the market and bought me the same pink bellies. Now Seema and I used to play Langdi wearing the same bellies and seeing her happy made me happy.

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