Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I Saw, I Learnt

I used to be an extremely fussy kid, Specially with what I eat. I used to hate vegetables during my childhood, I remember sneaking the salad and sabji off my plate and throw it from balcony or in dustbin. Most of the time my mother used catch me and scold me but I hardly learnt. And I used to always leave something on my plate, never finish it. On day when we were travelling via. train, I saw many hungry kids of my age on railway station. Then again on train I saw a little girl of my age picking 'Chanas' from the train floor that I spilled earlier. I tried to stop her but she told me she was hungry, haven't ate anything in days. That scene changed something in me. I was really upset with myself, I saw the reality of this world and never again wasted even a single bite. If I had too much food, I'd give it away to my maid or any poor person on street but I never waste food. It is my request to you as well. Don't ever waste food. There are many hungry bellies out there. You can always fill them with your extra bit of piece.

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